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It doesn't matter if you've been involved in the military for 1 week or 17 years, there are always questions that need answering. For the worriers and over planners, for the I'm new to this to the I still don't know what I'm doing. Family Base Magazine has the answers!


Well our professionals do, but we also have some up our sleeves. 

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With registered professionals on board such as psychologist, nutritionists and relationship therapists, you can bet we have the most up to date information to help you navigate this crazy life.

Not just a magazine

Get ready for my Podcast, events and support systems.  But wait there's more! Our permanent publications will give you targeted information in one place without the faff.

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I mean, there will be some because it's a magazine, but there could also be discounts and special offers from other businesses - just sayin'

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Take the stress out of navigating Military life. Sink your teeth into resources, professional advice and community support. 

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