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Multitasking should be avoided for 1 Reason

Multitasking should be avoided for 1 Reason

How many times have you thought you were being super productive by multitasking? Well let me break it to you, multitasking doesn’t work.

It’s no where near as productive as you may think, and it may actually take you twice as long to complete the tasks you are trying to complete.

For many years there was a lot of debate about whether or not working like this does in fact help you finish multiple tasks faster. A lot surrounding the fact that women are better at doing it full stop. But I’m here to tell you, multitasking does not mean productivity.

What does the research say?

Multitasking is when you continue to switch between tasks at various points. Say one minute you are filling out a form, then you stop doing that to google something, stop doing that to send an email, but don’t quite send the email out before you are back to filling out that form again.

It’s hard to keep up reading it let alone doing it.

It is unintentional most of the time, maybe distractibility is the way you see it.


It doesn’t matter what you call it, at the end of the day trying to achieve many things by trying to complete them all at the same time is counterproductive.

One particular study found that when they compared two judges who reviewed cases, the judge multitasking between case files actually took longer to complete the allocated work than the judge reviewing similar cases to completion.

In neuroscience, the ability to simultaneously carry out even simple cognitive operations has been researched using brain scans.

Tasks cannot be simultaneous. Your brain can’t process multiple cognitive inputs at once. Instead your brain will process the information in rapid succession, especially if the tasks are relatively simple.

So multitasking performance is an illusion.

Training yourself to multitask only makes the processing part faster. You still can’t switch between them and expect to be productive.

When does it work?

Multitasking doesn’t working in terms of productivity. What it does do, is create more interest in your environment. At work, for example, multitasking creates a more stimulating environment. This stimulation can cause an increase in productivity.

If you have a hard time staying motivated or on task, multitasking may be a way you can complete more boring tasks while simultaneously filling your interests.

Although this is not strictly proven to be productive in terms of checking off your to do list faster, it is a way many people cope with the mundane reality of office work.

How can you be productive?

Productivity comes from motivation, goal setting and total completion of tasks. If you want to know the best way to stay motivated, here are my suggestions

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