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3 Easy Ways to Prioritise Yourself now

3 Easy Ways to Prioritise Yourself now

There are some simple ways to make sure you prioritise yourself.

Support people come in many shapes and sizes, but we all have one thing in common, we are looking after someone who is struggling.

It’s not necessarily something we choose to do, but something we do on instinct.

The dangerous part to that is, without making the continuous choice to support someone, we can fall victim to burnout much quicker than others.

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There is a way I describe us supporters.

We are the dirt of the garden. The place that holds the roots in order for the plants to grow big and strong. Without us the plants would not survive, but without water we cannot provide the support.

It’s the same as the saying, we cannot drink from an empty cup.

The ways you can prioritise yourself will not be the same as everyone else. It will depend entirely on what you find joy in doing.

It’s not about meditating or doing yoga (although these are perfectly good if you love them), it’s about all those things you love to do that help you feel like you again. Mine is studying and writing. I love to studying because it’s something I’m very much in to. If I don’t get the time to study, I know my frustrations creep in and start to rub off on everyone else.

Here are a few ways you can prioritise yourself that’s not just yoga or meditation

prioritise yourself

3 ways to prioritise yourself


creating covers a range of activities such as drawing, painting, crafting and building. If you need to sit and think about what to do, how to do it or design it, then you are being creative. Creating is a great way to prioritise your own feelings without having a regard for what someone else wants.


Gardening has multiple benefits. Not only are you getting outside in the fresh air (which is beneficial in itself for increasing your dopamine), It is something you can actively involve yourself in without concentrating. It can be used as a movement meditation starting point, where you zone out on what you’re doing (weeding for example) and focus inwards on how you feel, your breathes, and your tension.


Studying is a fantastic way to prioritise yourself, if you like to study. There is the obvious choice, such as university, however think outside the box, like learning a new skill. If you have always wanted to learn something like a language, or cooking, now is the time to do it.

Finding ways to prioritise yourself is not just a selfish act, which it may feel like. It’s a way to look after your mental health, a way to give you time to process your own thoughts, feelings and attitudes toward things.

The simplest way to make sure you stick to prioritising yourself is by setting aside some time each week/day. By setting a regular time slot, you will know when its your time to relax and rewind after a stressful week. Something to look forward to. As with anything, the more you practice prioritising yourself, the better you will get at taking that time slot without feeling guilty.

The people in your household and your mental health will thank you for it.

Find something that you enjoy doing and do it for you. You are not JUST a support person, you are THE support person.

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