5 Mental fitness techniques that should be standardised in defence

5 Mental fitness techniques that should be standardised in defence

Mental fitness needs to become a standard not a talking point.

There is a reason so many of you struggle with things like meditation, mindfulness, journaling etc. These are all foreign concepts that are taken up in a time of desperation.

Desperation can look different for each of you, but one thing for sure is, you are desperate for change.

Change from the struggle, the mundane, the meaninglessness that life now seems to hold.

Without the team and associated missions, what on earth are you meant to be doing? Where is your purpose? What even is your thing anymore?

Going through numerous hours of training, you will have created what’s called muscle memory. Your body is now capable of acting without thinking first. You have the skillset, the mindset and the team to back you when shit gets real.

You were broken down and built back up in order to do that. To be a reliable and resilient individual that is strong in a pack.

Your motivations, survival.

Your goals, complete the task.

Much the same as your need for muscle memory when shit hits the fan, your brain needs training to achieve the same standard internally.

It’s a muscle, right. Train the muscle, get the reward of mental fitness muscle memory.

How can you expect your brain to know what to do when you haven’t shown it how?

Token mental health seminars or days are not the answer. The build up of energy and training should be met with the calming down of the mind and learning how to switch off after the fact.

You will be able to discover your own unique ways of calming your mind.

Become more adaptive and critical.

Then when shit hit’s the fan, you will be more capable and ready to face those separate challenges. Challenges that are often met with uncertainty and hesitation because it’s so foreign that it’s almost scary.

And when I say scary I mean the way nightmares haunt you during the day. Allowing your mind the free space to move when you have trauma is not as easy as just doing meditation. In some cases it’s recommended you have a psychologist run the session because of the serious impact it has.

Don’t wait for your training to include the techniques in your day, start researching for yourself.

Mental fitness

5 Mindfulness techniques for mental fitness


Meditation can come in many forms. Research which one will suit your style – movement, chanting, breathing. Really deep dive into it, and practice it regularly. The easier it gets, the easier it will be if and when you really need it.


There have been study to show that particular kinds of instrumental music can have a meditative affect on the brain. Find what you like to listen to and start a ritual before you put it on so you get in the zone.

Brain dump

Brain dumping works for not only emptying your brain (cognitive offloading) but can help you feel released of emotions and thought that are just stuck replying over and over. It’s an awesome technique to do before you go to sleep (empty your brain of intrusive thoughts).


I know I mentioned it before but it requires its own area. Movement meditation can be anything that requires you to concentrate on what you are doing and nothing else. Running is a good one, concentrate on breathing and just run. Bring yourself back to your breathing each time your mind wanders.

These are not the only ways to stay mentally fit. The fact that you are searching for mental fitness shows that you are aware that it needs to included in your day. Do your research, you may be surprised by what can calm your mind and bring you back to your current state.