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5 simple ways to study successfully

5 simple ways to study successfully

Find the key ways to study successfully to avoid the draining process to completion. It requires a lot of grit and motivation to earn success, which can sometimes feel like it’s never going to come.

There are many reasons you might be studying; work, career progression or change in career path.

Throw a few kids into the mix and you have the perfect shit storm waiting for you. But, don’t be put off by that just yet.

One of the things I have learnt in the last few years of studying with more and more kids getting added to the mix is some key ways to study successfully.

I always have people asking how on earth I mange to do it – It being study, 3 kids at home full time and homeschooling by choice. The truth is, I didn’t just start that way. I’ve added something on slowly over the last 3 years, being a child or starting homeschooling. So once I got my little groove of studying going, I now know how many hours I need to put in to get the results I want and go from there.

But this post is not just for mums who are studying, it is for anyone not finding any helpful advice that actually works.

So let’s get into it

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Study successfully

5 key ways to study successfully

Set a time – Make it routine

Work out the best time of day for you to take in the info, and set it as part of your routine. I used to study at night when I had two kids, but now I have the 3 I tend to squeeze in as much as I can in the middle of the day while two of them are napping. Get the hard stuff done while you have the most productive part of your day, then follow up with extra at another set point in the day. If you are not at that part of the day, do. not. do. it. I repeat, don’t touch the work if you are not scheduled too.

Brain dump

If your busy thinking of other things when you should be studying, get a piece of paper and brain dump. Write everything down that’s in your mind and offload it onto the paper. It will free up space in your brain to concentrate – its been proven by science

Use the flow on effect to study successfully

Before your schedule time to study, use the flow on effect to get a achievement rhythm before sitting down. What I mean by that is, do a few jobs to completion before hand, washing, tidy kitchen, go for a run. Whatever it it, ride the wave into your study time and smash some study goals too.

Don’t write notes

This goes against everything you have been taught I know. Did you know, writing notes doesn’t actually help you retain the info. If you’re short on time to studying, you need to most affective study techniques and that is testing. If you have texts to read, try reading the summary first, then go back and skim read to find the points you need to cover as learning objectives, then make flash cards. The key is then to study the flash cards regularly. Your notes will not help you to recall the information later if you just write down a whole bunch of stuff – not to mention its time consuming.

Know your style

Finally, know your style of learning. If you know you are not good at reading, find other ways to keep it interesting for you – find a studying partner to talk it out (keep reading to small chunks, then discuss). Look up YouTube videos, get out and act it out, draw pictures, teach someone else. They are all good ways to learn new topics.

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