8 Ways to Focus that Actually Work

Finding ways to focus can be frustrating, but here are some fool proof ways to focus and be productive on any task you need to.

Set a time

Set a time for your focus period and stick to it. If you know that you have two hours in the middle of the day to get stuff done, then don’t try and squeeze more in around that. The more you try and squeeze in around your set time and fail, the less productive you will feel across the day.

Listen to music

This has to be very specific music. Research has found that listening to music with no lyrics can get your brain focusing on the task at hand. Especially if you need to come up with ideas and write blog posts.

Keep hydrated

When you are dehydrated you can feel a lot more tired than you actually are. Your body is made up of 60% water, so not getting enough in, will definitely impact on your brain function.

Eat well

This goes without saying, if you need to stay hydrated then you also need to eat nutritious foods. 

Plan your time

I’m not a huge fan of the prodomo method, because I have a limited time to get work done and I don’t want that taken up by having a break every 20 minutes. Instead, planning out what you need to get done in your set time frame will keep you accountable and focused. 

Don’t distract yourself

The biggest upset of motivation and focus is your phone (and sometimes the house work). You have been wired to listen out for your phone and even to check on it momentarily without it going off. Put it out of reach. Be warned, you will still look for it to check it to start with, but resist the urge and you will be far more productive and maintain focus.

focus and productivity

Use the snowball effect

Start with the smallest task first and get it done. Or the most interesting task first. Once you start ticking those tasks off, you will snowball the motivation and get your list completed in no time.

Cut yourself some slack

One of the biggest motivation and focus killers is the frustration of not getting enough done. Some days you will complete your whole list in the time you have, and other days you won’t. Don’t push to get it done once your time slot is up. Add it to your list for the next day.

Focus and productivity isn’t about perfection, it’s about movement. Moving forward step by step. Your productivity and focus does not dictate how successful you will be.

The biggest problem with the rise and grind movement is that constant feeling that without grinding every second of the day, you will get nowhere. 

Achieve goals at your own pace. Implement strategies that work, and adjust ones that don’t. 

There’s actually more to getting your focus and productivity on than meets the eye. It actually comes down to your distractibility. Technology has come into play for generations, relying on these to maintain our focus has been astronomical. 

You are so convinced that you can do 10 things at once, that you are out to prove a point. And in doing so, you are literally rewiring your brain to be less focused and productive. You have made new pathways in your brain to rely on technology for productivity, to-do lists, calendars, inspiration, entertainment and even brain games.

The internet is providing the perfect environment to develop this pathway – repetitive, intensive, interactive and addictive.

The pathways are so strong now, that it’s harder than just turning it all off. You will actually notice that you open apps and click on other tabs before you even make that decision.

The internet seizes our attention, only to scatter it.

At the core of gaining more focus, we need to decrease the reliance on technology. Find out more about what’s stopping you from focusing here