8 Ways to Focus that Actually Work

Finding ways to focus can be frustrating, but here are some fool proof ways to focus and be productive on any task you need to. Set a time Set a time for your focus period and stick to it. If you know that you have two hours in the middle of the day to get stuff done, then don’t try […]

Find out where your awesome personality type comes from today

In this post we will do the deep dive into where your personality type comes from and why it depends on where you get your information from as to how your personality develops. The answers to these questions comes from an understanding of personality psychology, which as a whole is made up of many different perspectives. Perspectives are what theorists […]

4 ways to use neuroplasticity to your advantage

What is Neuroplasticity is a question that has been explored many times. Most will know it’s got something to do with the way your brain learns. You would be right. Neuroplasticity is all about the brain learning something new. As you start to learn a new skill or amount of information, your brain will be busy creating a new pathway […]

Better ways to focus that actually work

How can I focus better? Probably one of the biggest questions I heard about staying productive. And it’s true, in this day and age, it is incredibly hard to focus and stay productive. But I’m here to help. Education is key to improving productivity and in this post I’ll let you know why you can’t focus. What is focus? If […]

5 Easy ways to deal with Imposter Syndrome?

You may have heard of it before, you may not have, Imposter Syndrome can be debilitating. It’s the massive doubts that many high achievers have on their own competencies in professional or academic settings. For those of you who have high expectations on yourselves, workplaces can be the perfect place for an anxiety shit storm caused by Imposter Syndrome. This […]

2 Reasons working as a team is a survival of the fittest

Working as a team comes in so many different forms; group assignments (THE WORST!), small workplace teams, large scale workplace teams, committees (I’ll tell you something funny about these later) etc. Most of you will have experienced the joys *cough* of team work. But it is one of those unfortunate activities that everyone must delve into. So here are the […]

Have you lost Motivation?

Have you lost motivation? It seems to get lost and found in quick secession. Maybe it just gets lost quickly and seems to take what feels like a lifetime to find again. Whatever the case may be, you may or may not be surprised to find that your motivation is closely linked to the goals you have. There are two […]