5 Easy ways to deal with Imposter Syndrome?

5 Easy ways to deal with Imposter Syndrome?

You may have heard of it before, you may not have, Imposter Syndrome can be debilitating. It’s the massive doubts that many high achievers have on their own competencies in professional or academic settings.

For those of you who have high expectations on yourselves, workplaces can be the perfect place for an anxiety shit storm caused by Imposter Syndrome.

This does not exclude you if you’re a business owner either. The growing sense of anxiety and self-doubt about whether you actually deserve to be in your position or not is such an overwhelming feeling.

One of the biggest concerns for sufferers of Imposter Syndrome, is the constant worry that one day your perceived skill will ‘run out’, or that you will be ‘found out’ as a fraud. Add the constant downplaying of your own achievements, and the anxiety shit show is in full swing. It can be the number one reason for drop outs and career sabotage.

It’s a concern for many, as mental health disorders can be the result of this feeling long term. Such as, chronic stress, anxiety, depression and even drug and alcohol abuse.

There is some discussion around whether people are more susceptible to the feeling of Imposter Syndrome depending on their workplaces. hyper-competitive environments for example can be cause for this.

It may not surprise you to know there is also a link to perfectionism in those that suffer from this.

It’s also important to consider what the prevalence of Imposter Syndrome in the workplace signals. The need for structural change.

More on that later.

Let’s have a look at what you can do to manage it. That anxiety shit show is not ideal if you want to enjoy your job.

An image of the Imposter Syndrome Cycle. Assigned a task, fear of discovery as a fraud, coping mechanism (overwork), successful completion, blame success on imposter behaviour. On a greem background with with white text.


Congratulations! the fact that you are here means you have recognised something isn’t right. This is an accomplishment in itself and is the first step in overcoming the feelings.

Your feelings are not fact

Just because you think them, does not make them fact.

Our minds do a wonderful job at making up stories. Some stories are even enough to set off our own fight or flight response.

Be ready for these feelings to arise when the time comes. Be mindful of them, but allow them to pass. Accept and move them on is how I think of them. If you can speak up for yourself in your own mind then do it. You are capable of this role and capable of learning the parts you don’t already know.

Remind yourself of your accomplishments

When you are having a day you’d rather run away from, remind yourself of what you have already achieved. An honest run through of past accomplishments, will allow some reflection on your success, Even if you have to remind yourself constantly, do it.

Stop Comparing

One of the quickest ways to enter an anxiety shit show is with comparison. Do not do it. Never. In fact if your feeling particularly vulnerable to anxious thoughts, I’d go as far as hiding your phone – let’s face it, thats the quickest way to social media channels. Your constant comparisons will have you believing your not good enough, not achieved enough and not got enough.

Seek Professional Help

If your feelings of anxiety are taking over your life, if you are feeling depressed and unable to cope, please seek help from a professional. There are many options available here are some..



https://www.openarms.gov.au/ (for defence members & families)

Just remember, if you are investigating how improve your Imposters Syndrome, most people with this are smart, high-achieving individuals. Just food for thought.