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Let Me Be Your Story Teller

Let Me Be Your Story Teller

There’s an element of someone’s story that remains a part of them by not voicing it aloud.

An element that can be tucked away deep into the depths of darkness, with you holding the only key to its escape.

With its release comes threatened fears. Anxiety. Memories.

The connection of the mind and body is so strong that you just know that the mental load will be coupled with physical pain and angst.

There comes a time when these stories should be heard.

Need to be heard.

Just because these stories need to be heard, doesn’t mean they need to be feared.

Fear of backlash.

Fear of torment.

Fear of people knowing.

But what if your story could be told without the fear?

What if you could allow people to learn more about something they don’t understand without knowing how to put the words together.

I understand the difficulty in writing your story. I understand the nature of what’s locked away.

Sometimes the story is something that doesn’t seem worthwhile until you see how others are hearing it. Our inner voice, does not match those on the outer. Your inner voice does not know how to anticipate the results of releasing the story.

Let me be your voice.

Let me tell your story.

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