Sex and Relationships – It’s time to get real and share the secrets

Sex and Relationships – It’s time to get real and share the secrets

Welcome to the space where talking about sex and relationships isn’t TABOO!

All those burning questions you want answers to, or concerns you are too nervous to ask friends and family about are going to be busted wide open.

I could spend all day every day talking about sex and relationships. I educate and empower mums to revive their sexual self-image and live fulfilling sex lives after kids. Educating partners on the misconceptions of sex and female sexuality.

Why do I love talking about the satisfaction of sex and relationships so much?

Well for one, it’s a hot topic that everyone actually wants to talk about but are scared, and “awkward ice-breakers” are my unexpected hidden talent.

Secondly, sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction are more important than anyone imagines.

  • Sexual satisfaction, self-esteem and pleasure have a positive impact on your physical health, mental health and overall wellbeing.
  • Happy relationships build happy homes. Your relationship dynamic and satisfactions a direct impact on your family unit. The vibe in your house, role-modelling how to treat people and how we are to be treated, demonstrating secure attachments and how to handle conflict, all come from the behaviours and attitudes you share with your partner.
  • If mama is happy, everyone is happy. Mum’s sexual satisfaction is an indicator of dad’s sexual satisfaction but sorry dad, you have no effect on mum.

Everything I talk about is research-based and research-proven, and we aren’t talking about popular media surveys. Example:

Oxytocin increases 5 fold for both men and women during sex

Hello happiness, love and connection! There’s a reason why sex is one of the strongest bonding practices.

I love giving practical advice because no one ever knows everything there is to know about sex and relationships. We are always learning, always trying new things to keep the flame alive, whether there are sexual and relationship problems or not. My advice always comes with efficiency in mind. Why? Because primarily I work with mothers who are some of the most time-poor people. I constantly hear “I don’t have time for me” but here’s the secret…

If you own your sensuality, are happy with your sexual self-image, have fulfilling sex life (partner or solo), then you WILL find you HAVE more time than you believed.

Sex and a positive sexual self-image boost our positive hormones and we:

  • can focus more clearly – solve those problems that seem like there is no solution
  • Be more productive – energy levels skyrocket and when you start to write down what you do in a day you’ll see it’s more than you think
  • Are confident in who we are, our beliefs, our morals, the way we look and how we present ourselves to the world
  • Are emotionally connected to ourselves and our partner – we are a social species that like to bond, ad sex is the ultimate bonding experience for couples.
  • Are secure in our relationships and the satisfaction that they bring us and our family unit whether we are physically together or apart.

If there is anything you want to know more about or have a topic you would like covered send me an email.