Multitasking should be avoided for 1 Reason

How many times have you thought you were being super productive by multitasking? Well let me break it to you, multitasking doesn’t work. It’s no where near as productive as you may think, and it may actually take you twice as long to complete the tasks you are trying to complete. For many years there was a lot of debate […]

5 Easy ways to deal with Imposter Syndrome?

You may have heard of it before, you may not have, Imposter Syndrome can be debilitating. It’s the massive doubts that many high achievers have on their own competencies in professional or academic settings. For those of you who have high expectations on yourselves, workplaces can be the perfect place for an anxiety shit storm caused by Imposter Syndrome. This […]

2 Reasons working as a team is a survival of the fittest

Working as a team comes in so many different forms; group assignments (THE WORST!), small workplace teams, large scale workplace teams, committees (I’ll tell you something funny about these later) etc. Most of you will have experienced the joys *cough* of team work. But it is one of those unfortunate activities that everyone must delve into. So here are the […]