Let Me Be Your Story Teller

There’s an element of someone’s story that remains a part of them by not voicing it aloud. An element that can be tucked away deep into the depths of darkness, with you holding the only key to its escape. With its release comes threatened fears. Anxiety. Memories. The connection of the mind and body is so strong that you just […]

4 ways to use neuroplasticity to your advantage

What is Neuroplasticity is a question that has been explored many times. Most will know it’s got something to do with the way your brain learns. You would be right. Neuroplasticity is all about the brain learning something new. As you start to learn a new skill or amount of information, your brain will be busy creating a new pathway […]

3 Easy Ways to Prioritise Yourself now

There are some simple ways to make sure you prioritise yourself. Support people come in many shapes and sizes, but we all have one thing in common, we are looking after someone who is struggling. It’s not necessarily something we choose to do, but something we do on instinct. The dangerous part to that is, without making the continuous choice […]

3 Reasons you must seek help for mental health

Seeking help for mental health reasons is not something that anyone wants to do. It feels like failure in a way, not being able to deal with a situation that to you, may seem silly. The thing about psychology is, you may not be able to help your reaction (more on that below). You can, however help the way in […]

3 Tips to avoid location disappointment

The disappointment of an unexpected outcome is running very close to home this month. Which is sad to admit, but also not a feeling that isn’t felt by everyone at some point. The official name is outcome-related disappointment and it is one of the most frequently experienced emotions following failure in people’s lives. The term is liked more specifically to […]

why losing your self-concept is normal

To understand why losing your self-concept is normal for veterans, you need to understand the science – like many things. The self-concept is made up of a few social factors; personal identity and social identity. As a human, you are not just born with this idea that you are yourself. What is the self-concept? The self-concept is the total sum […]

6 signs of PTSD and will I get it?

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder, is a condition that affects those who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. You often think of emergency services personnel, but it can affect anyone from victims of sexual abuse to car accidents and natural disasters. People suffering from PTSD can often see the story of a memory as a very intense feeling. […]

Being the ‘new guy’ is not just about resilience

Being the new guy sucks. Moving states knowing you’re going to be the new one also sucks. And yes, it is what you make of it. It can be turned into a grand ol’ adventure, discovering all those places you never have before. But let’s be honest for a second here. Having to up and move your whole family to […]